I found these templates all over the web. They were created by many teachers.I want to thank each teacher for the great job they have done.

To save any wonderful idea you see, right click on the mouse and "save as". Remember If you borrow an idea, it is for your class use and don't claim it as your own.

It is easy to create your own template to go with any lesson you are planning. To start creating your own templates, first open Kids Pix and go to the main picture screen. Design your template and save it to one of your files. I always choose the same place to save it each time. If your students will have access to the computer, I advise you to also save all your templates to disk as a back up.

Great Kindergarten and First Grade Project Ideas: Dinosaur Pictures, Texas ABCs, Texas Humpty Dumpty , Texas ABCs, Dinosaur Pictures, Heart People (K/1) , Squirrel Habitats

WOW! Look at these Kids Pix Slide Shows: Cowboy Facts , Dinosaurs! , Cowboy Facts , Ezra Jack Keats Slide Show , Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters Slide Show , Butterflies Studies, Dinosaur Pictures, We have a dream..., Stream Studies

Kids Pix Ideas to suit your needs: Butterflies Studies, Butterfly Study , Making Pictographs, Pennies, Nickels, and Dimes , Making a Diagram, Two Bad Ants, Repeat the Pattern, Venn Diagrams , A is for Apple, Portrait Pairs, Making Coupons , Creating Maps , Flowers , Counting by Fives , Idiom Project , Thematic Slide Show for any unit of study , Shape Poem , Point of View Poem, poems

Seasonal Activities Using Kids Pix: Pumpkin Poem , I know it's Autumn because... , Oval Tool Snowmen , Hand Turkeys , Jack-o-lanterns , Heart People (K/1) , Celebrating the 100th Day , Winter Fun

Using Kids Pix to Learn About Technology: Why We Like Computers, Tech Vocabulary, Parts of the Computer, Care of the Computer, Designing with technology

Kids Pix and Science: May Temperatures , The Food Pyramid , Drawing Insects, Earth Day Posters, Endangered Species Word Finds, cotton, Butterflies, Classifying Rocks, Stream Studies

Learning About Our World Through Kids Pix: The United States: there are maps inside Kids Pix for each state, and the whole country- V is for Virgina, Virginia Maps, Texas Wildflowers, Mexico- Mini Spanish-English Pictionary , Mexico Maps

China- Maps of China, Wang Yani , Tiger Slippers Egypt- King Tut, Egypt Fact Slide Show , Maps of Ancient Egypt, Egypt Slide Show , Maps of Ancient Egypt Ghana- Ghana Maps, Good-bye Cloth, Rome- Romulus and Remus, Design Brief Requirements

Greece- Designing Greek Temples , Eric Carle's Dragon, Dragon , Greek Pottery castle creations

My Template List: (my ideas) My Body templates, Money Bills, Kid Pix coin templates, More Money Ideas, Working with Numbers, For the Youngest Student, Graphin' , Seasonal Kid Pix Ideas , Doing Weather with Kid Pix