Song: Worms In The Apple Tree

Look at all the worms in the apple tree,

Eating all the apples they do see,

CRUNCH, when they eat their lunch,

There will be no apples left for me.

Look at all the birdies, they do call,

Eating all the worms up, one and all,

SLURP, little birdies burp,

Guess there will be apples after all.


SKILLS ENHANCED: Matching, Visual, Cooperative Play, Active Involvement.


  • 6 Poster board strips (approx. 6x11" each)
  • 6 Red construction paper apples
  • 6 Yellow construction paper apples
  • 6 green construction paper apples
  • Black permanent marker
  • Glue
  • Lamination or contact paper


Draw 18 different faces (ie: sleepy eyes with nose and smile; triangle eyes with nose and sad face) on the 18 construction paper apples. Glue the red apples at the top of each of the 6 poster boards; the yellow apples in the middle and the green apples at the bottom. (The apple poster boards will resemble a stoplight, sort of.) Contact or laminate each card.

Now cut out 18 more apples (6 of each color) and draw the same faces on these apples. Laminate/contact these apples. These apple cut-outs will be the lotto or bingo cards to match to the corresponding apple face on the lotto/bingo poster board pieces.

Have one player hold up a card (or the teacher) and the child who has the matching face will put the card over his/her matching face. Play until all children have their cards filled up. It's a fun/everyone finishes game!!!

Pumpkins and Leaves

The reason we talk so much about pumpkins and leaves, is because that is what our children are observing this time of year. Take your children out and let them observe what happens in your area in the fall. In our classroom, we observe the changes that each season brings. We talk about the changes in the environment, the changes in the animals and the changes in the weather.

We do a lot of activities about this at the science table. We bring in things from outside for them to be able to observe closer. Since you get so many apples, a great science activity would be to let the child observe what's inside the apple and what happens to an apple when its exposed to air. Take 3 apple halves. On one put lemon juice, on another one put water and on the 3rd one put nothing. Ask the children what they think will happen and then record the observations. You could also have an apple tasting contest and record the results of their favorite apple on a graph. As for the weather changes, we have a weather chart where the children move the arrow to point to the weather we are having. After they do that, then we have 2 children made out of flannel that they have to dress with flannel clothing for the weather. I hope some of these ideas help you.


Take nature walk around your yard or area. Point out trees and how they are changing. Collect leaves for art if appropriate.

Art: Crayon rubbings

After reading one of any number of fall books I like to do leaf rubbings.

  • Fresh fall leaves, various shapes
  • thin paper
  • fall colored crayons, use flat side

After discussing the book, discuss the leaves: shapes, colors, similarities, differences.

Place leaves on table with the vein side up. Cover with the paper. Holding paper still use flat side of crayon to lightly rub over the leaf -- the shape "magically" appears! Use a different leaf or just change position of paper and crayon color for another image. Overlap the leaf shapes if you like -- it looks nice! One children get the hang of it they can all be successful, I use it with my 4 year old class.

Art: painted leaf prints

  • fresh fall leaves
  • various fall colors of tempra paint
  • construction paper

Have children paint their choice of color on the leaf. After the leaf is painted to the child's satisfaction move the leaf to a clean spot, painted side up. Have child put the construction paper on top of the painted leaf. Have the child rub their hands all over the paper, this transfers the paint to the paper. Let child paint and transfer the print as many times as they want on the paper.

Fall songs

Leaves are falling 'round the town

(Twinkle, twinkle little star)

Leaves are falling 'round the town

Watch them fall right on the ground.

Autumn's coming, it is true.

Then comes winter just for you.

Leaves are falling 'round the town

Falling, falling all around.

Leaves, leaves falling down

(Row, row, row your boat)

Leaves, leaves falling down,

Falling on the ground.

Red, Yellow, Orange and Brown,

Triangle, oval and round.

The leaves are falling down

(Farmer in the Dell)

the leaves are falling down, the leaves are falling down

School is here and fall is near, the leaves are falling down.

2nd verse - some are red and some are brown

3rd verse - they tickle your nose and touch your toes

Pick a pumpkin, pick a pumpkin,

Pick a pumpkin just now

I just now picked a pumpkin

Picked a pumpkin just now

Cut the top off, cut the top off

Cut the top off just now

I just now cut the top off,

Cut the top off just now

Scooooop the seeds, out, scoooop the seeds out,

Scoooop the seeds out just now

I just now scoooped the seeds out

Scooooped the seeds out just now

Carved a face in it, carved a face in it

Carved a face in it just now

I just now carved a face in it

Carved a faci in it just now

Stick a candle in it, stick a candle in it

Stick a candle in it now

I just now stuck a candle in it

Stuck a candle in it just now

I made a jack-o-latern, I made a jack-o-latern

Made a jck-o-latern just now

I just now made a jack-ol-lantern

Made a jack-o-latern just now!

(Use apprpriate hand motions or use as flannel board)


  • Sort different shaped pumpkins.
  • Pattern pumpkinseeds right side up, right side down, right side up, right side down, etc.

Science and Fine Motor:

  • Get real pumpkin and cut open while singing above song
  • Smell inside pumpkin.
  • Reach in and 'scoop' the seeds out.
  • Taste raw pumpkin. Talk about the way it feels, smells and tastes.
  • Blend with fingers colors yellow and red to make orange.
  • Use real pumpkin and hammer golf tees into it.


Get small fresh pumpkins and cut in half. Let the children dip the pumpkin halves in paint to make prints.


  • Roast pumpkinseeds.
  • Pumpkin Faces
  • English muffins (can be toasted)
  • Orange spreadable cheese
  • Raisins
  • Let the children spread the cheese on their English muffin. Then decorate using the raisins for eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Finally, eat and enjoy!