Early Emergent Readers

Early emergent readers are at the stage where they are beginning to learn sound to symbol relationships (starting with consonants and short vowels) and are able to read consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words, as well as a number of high-frequency words.

Books that support early emergent readers have:

Emergent Readers

Emergent readers have developed an understanding of the alphabet, and have developed their phonological awareness. They have are familiar with the use of a significant number of high-frequency words.

Books that support emergent readers have:

Early Fluent Readers

Reading is more automatic for early fluent readers. There is more focus on comprehension than word attack. These readers are experiencing a greater variety of text and are able to recognize different styles and genres.

Books that support early fluent readers have more of everything:

Fluent Readers

You could say that fluent readers have progressed from learning to read to reading to learn. Reading is automatic and performed with appropriate expression. Fluent readers read a wide range of text types and do so independently, and they are capable of improving their reading skills and selection of materials independently through increased practice.

Books that support fluent readers have: