Boy's Best Friend!

Download and print off the following chapter questions:

There is an engaging series of books about Henry and Mudge (see below). Use these books together with the Four Blocks Literacy Model. Four Blocks is a balanced-literacy framework for teaching language arts in grades 1-3. The Four Blocks program, based on the premise that all children don't learn in the same way, integrates four language arts areas into reading instruction. Those areas are: guided reading, self-selected reading, writing, and working with words.

Strategically using flexible reading group allows you to address the multilevel needs of the classroom. Creating a book clubs is an excellent way for teachers to provide children with variety and choice in their reading.

Select three or four books that are associated by author, genre, topic or theme. Students will be allowed to choose from these books. One book should at a level that is easier than the class average and one at a more difficult level. The teacher can show each selection to the class by reading the introductory pages, the first chapter, the jacket, or allowing students to have a quick preview of the selections themselves.

When selecting their books, students make a note of their first, second and third choices. This way the teacher can ensure that at least one of the student choices will be met and at the same time have some room to strategically place children in groups.

Over the next few days, students will work through their book in their groups.