Check out Liam's (age 9!) poem about butterflies.

The Caterpillar

 I found a cocoon
That a caterpillar made,
Fastened to a leaf
Hanging in the shade.
He barely had room
To wiggle or wag,
Like me zipped up
In my sleeping bag.

I looked each time
That I passed his way,
But he never budged
Until just today.
Something happened!
He wagged and wiggled
And then climbed out
And carefullly jiggled
Small wet wings
That grew as they dried.
He'd turned to a butterfly


do you reminisce
as you spread your wings?
of a quiescent chrysalis
that sits and swings,
or is it all bliss
your freedom brings?

beautiful butterfly,
when did you know?
did you know why?
did you just let it flow?
was it a solemn goodbye?
or a happy hello?

Butterfly, Butterfly

butterfly, butterfly
fly in the sky
butterfly, butterfly
flies so high
butterfly, butterfly
lands on my thigh
butterfly, butterfly
motionlessly lies
butterfly, butterfly
gracefully dies